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Environment | Health | Safety

When we started out in 1991, we had a simple agenda - let's deliver what no one else can. 22 years down the line we have helped 300+ organizations setup management systems. Saved 1000+ gallons of water. Trained 5000+ employees. Every year we add something completely new.

It is no wonder, therefore, that we were the one of the first to certify companies with EMS in 1996 and the first (and the only) to undertake second-party certification of BIFMA furniture sustainability standard in 2008. The legacy of creating new horizons continues - so give us a call and we will make it happen.

Breaking the norm


Green Circle

An unique UNEP/ UNDP sponsored, waste minimization program. It aims at reduction of wastes at source and thereby improvement in productivity.


High Rate Transpiration System for disposal of treated domestic/industrial effluent. This system is environment friendly, needs less area and pays for itself.

Environmental Site Assessment

A concept well accepted in the U.S. for real estate transactions. Aim Enviro is the pioneer of ESA in India

Bio-Filter’/ ‘Constructed Wet Land (CTW)

An environment friendly concept ‘Phyto-remediation’ using plants & micro-organisms for treatment of waste water.

Mathematical modeling for Quantification of Risk | Consequences analysis: flammable and toxic storage

Environmental Disaster Management

Isolated storages of Hazardous chemicals

Safety reports, Safety audit

On-site & Off-site emergency plan etc. and Legal compliance

Assessment of Fire and Health hazards of Hazardous Chemicals used in process.



Energy Conservation & Carbon Footprint

Energy Audit, Energy usage and Conservation

Renewable and Non-conventional energy options

Green House Gas emission inventory & ‘Carbon Footprint’ calculations

CDM projects and Carbon Credits (CERs, VERs)

Occupational Health & Safety Services


Environmental Services




...and many more


Corporate Services

Corporate Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Legal compliance Audit.

Guidance on corporate social responsibility

Guidance on Green Business initiative, GRI reporting

Legal training for decision makers

Guidance for various National / International awards

Legal compliance assessment for due to diligence / sustainability  reporting

Environmental Legal Liability Assessment for corporate take over and mergers.

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