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Industrial Hygiene Services

Chemical Exposure Monitoring

Personal exposure monitoring of dust (respirable/inhalable/total), welding fumes, Solvent vapors, aerosols, etc.


Also includes evaluation of existing controls and recommendations to minimize the potential risk for the employees.

Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation Assessment

Evaluation of CO2, CO, TVOCs, particulates, temperature, relative humidity in the indoor office environments. Evaluation of the local exhaust ventilation systems, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)/Air Handling Unit (AHU) system. Evaluation of fume hoods. Calculating Air Changes per Hour in offices with mechanical and natural ventilation.

Ergonomics Assessment

Use RULA, REBA, NIOSH lifting index and or specially designed tool with scientific basis to conduct ergonomics assessment as per client’s need.

Fatigue Assessment (Area of special expertise)

Evaluation of the level of fatigue for an employee.

Heat Stress Assessment

Heat stress monitoring includes assessment of heat parameters for workers working in hot environments such as furnace operators, boiler operator, bakery workers, construction workers, miners, etc.

Noise Dosimetry, Area Noise Measurement, Noise Mapping

Noise Dosimetry includes evaluating the personal noise exposure for the employee using noise dosimeter.

Area Noise Measurements include instantaneous readings taken at selected locations in the plant to identify the potential sources of noise in the area.


Noise Mapping (Noise Contour Mapping) includes classification of the area into three zones (red, orange/yellow, green) based on the noise level measured at specific distance from an identified source.

Biological Monitoring

Biological monitoring includes measurement of bacteria, molds, fungi in the indoor environment.

Industrial Hygiene Trainings

We offer training on all topics related to Industrial Hygiene which include general awareness on IH, Donning, Doffing and Maintenance of PPEs, Gowning and De-gowning, best practices to minimize the exposure to hazardous substances in the wok environment etc.

Customized training modules prepared as per client’s requirement.

Industrial Hygiene Services for Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Personal Exposure Monitoring for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and solvents.

  • Containment Validation and Cross Contamination Study using API or Surrogate.

  • Isolator validation using API or Surrogate.

  • Lab Fume Hood and Local Exhaust Ventilation (Snorkel) assessment.

  • Potent compound exposure assessment and exposure controls.

  • EHS audits.

  • Chemical Risk Assessments (CRAs)

Other Services
  • Illumination Assessment/Surveys

  • Qualitative Exposure Assessments


  • Laboratory Safety Assessment/Audits

  • Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing

Industrial Sectors
  • Engineering

  • Foundries


  • Information Technology (IT), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)


  • Chemical


  • Food


  • Construction


  • Pharmaceutical (API and Formulation)


  • Oil and Gas


  • Textile

  • Areospace,

  • Automobiles,


  • Power Plants, etc.

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